Your Body is Not the Problem. 

It never has been. Your body is just trying to do the best it can in a culture that teaches us that our body is an object to fight against, to force into submission, to shrink into a size deemed acceptable. We are told that if we eat "right," restrain our appetite, and have enough self control, we can win the golden ticket to health, happiness, love, and success. When this doesn't happen, we blame ourselves. 

Here's a secret: you are not the problem. You have been set up in a system that is doomed to fail. A system that functions because it fails. 

Diet culture teaches us that we need to spend all of our time, money, and energy investing in diet plans that simply do not work for as many as 90% of people who try them. Then they convince us that it is our fault that we don't "achieve our goals." And it works--instead of blaming diet culture for its immeasurable shortcomings, we blame ourselves. Our body becomes a dumping ground for all of our anger and dissatisfactions.  

What if instead of fighting against our bodies, we realized we are both on the same team? What if we could learn to care for our bodies like the beloved companions that they are? 

Mindful eating is a transformative practice that can help us heal from diet culture and develop a more peaceful relationship with food. The Anti-Diet Plan signature 6-week course will guide you on a journey from diet-mentality to food freedom. In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to free yourself from the diet cycle and establish a peaceful, trusting, and harmonious relationship with food and your body. And if you are looking for more support on your journey, check out The Anti-Diet Plan Foundations Group Coaching Program or The Anti-Diet Plan with Individual Coaching Sessions. 

Because you've got so many more important things to do than think about food and your body all the time. 

Not ready to dive into the signature course? Don't worry because I've got you covered! Check out my FREE Mindful Eating Toolkit or other free offerings for a taste of mindful eating.


No matter where you are on your journey to food freedom, I hope you will find resources here that meet your needs. Below are some of my free offerings, I invite you to sign up for one or two or try them all! You'll also find information on The Anti-Diet Plan Signature Course and my coaching programs. 

Mindful Eating Toolkit

Have you ever wondered what mindful eating is all about? Maybe you've heard the word "mindfulness" tossed around, but you aren't really sure what it means or how it can help you with your eating. Or perhaps you've tried mindful eating in the past but struggled to let go of diet culture and kept feeling stuck.

If you are new to mindful eating or the anti-diet framework and want to get your feet wet with some basics to start eating more mindfully today, then be sure to get your free mindful eating starter kit today. 

The Mindful Eating Toolkit includes: 

  • Mindful Eating 101 Masterclass
  • A guided mindful eating exercise
  • A meditation to practice with daily
  • A worksheet with reflection questions to deepen your experience
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What is the difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating?

If you've spent any time hanging around the anti-diet world, you've probably heard the terms "mindful eating" and "intuitive eating." But what do these buzzwords really mean? And which method will work best for you? Join Dr. Alexis Conason for a video lesson to answer: what is the difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating?  


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Why Diets Fail Masterclass

If you are still feeling stuck in diet mentality (and don't worry, it's totally normal to be invested in dieting; there is literally a multi-billion dollar industry dedicated to selling us diets and weight loss), check out this masterclass on Why Diets Fail. In this one-hour masterclass with Dr. Alexis Conason, you'll learn the science behind why diets fail, why it's not your fault that your diet hasn't worked, and how to get off the diet-binge-shame rollercoaster once and for all. 

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The Anti-Diet Plan Signature Course

If you are ready to dive in, The Anti-Diet Plan signature course will teach you what you need to know. In this 6-week program (can be done on your own timeline too!), you'll learn how to free yourself from the diet cycle using mindful eating to heal your relationship with food and your body and come back home to yourself. Each week is jam-packed with video lessons, guided eating meditations, mindfulness practices, homework assignments, journaling prompts, and more! The best part is, you don't have to go through it alone. Dr. Conason and her team are here to support you every step of the way in our private Facebook community where you can also connect with your fellow anti-dieters.

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Group Coaching with Dr. Alexis Conason

If you are looking for more support on your anti-diet journey and you want to connect with others walking the path alongside you, The Anti-Diet Plan Foundations Group Coaching Program may be just what the doctor ordered!

The Anti-Diet Plan Foundations Group Coaching Program includes everything in The Anti-Diet Plan Signature Course along with 6 small-group coaching sessions led by Dr. Alexis Conason. 

Click the "learn more" button to see when the next session of The Anti-Diet Plan Foundations Group Coaching Program is starting and if this small-group coaching program with a focus on support and attention is right for you. 



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Individual Coaching with Dr. Alexis Conason

If you are looking for individual support as you move away from dieting and reconnect with your body, then 1:1 coaching sessions may be a good fit for you. You get lifetime access to The Anti-Diet Plan Signature Course plus a package of either 3 or 6 individual coaching sessions with Dr. Alexis Conason so you can work through the program under her guidance, meeting to process what you are learning, overcome any obstacles to implementing the tools, and dive into your unique history, experiences, and needs.   

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Meet Dr. Alexis Conason

Hey! I'm Dr. Alexis Conason and I'm so glad that you are here checking out my site. I truly hope that you find what you are looking for here. And if you are looking to learn a little about me, look no further! 

I'm a clinical psychologist, certified eating disorder specialist and supervisor, author of The Diet-Free Revolution: 10 Steps to Free Yourself from the Diet Cycle with Mindful Eating and Radical Self-Acceptance, and I'm the founder of The Anti-Diet Plan mindful eating program. 

I'm also a former chronic dieter who spent decades of my life stuck in the diet-binge-shame cycle. I'm not going to say "I did it and you can too!" because we are all in different situations, but I will say that I know what it feels like to spend way too much time thinking about what to eat and what not to eat and feeling like a failure because I couldn't stick to a plan. I also know what it feels like to tie my self-worth to the numbers on a scale and feel like all of my problems would be solved if I could just change my body... 

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