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You haven't failed your diet. Your diet has failed you.

If you haven't found long-term success with dieting, join the club.

Diets fails for upwards of 90% of people. Yet, most of us blame ourselves when the plans fail. I need to try harder. Be more disciplined. What is wrong  with me? 

Here is a secret: there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken.

What is broken is diet culture. 

Diet culture is a system that equates thinness with health, wellness, beauty, desirability, moral value, and superiority. It teaches us that the only way to improve our health and wellbeing is by losing weight. And this is simply not true. 

The Anti-Diet Plan is here to help you heal from diet culture. Harnessing the power of mindfulness and mindful eating, it helps you repair your relationship with food and your body so you can stop fighting against yourself and work together on the same team. 

 Because you have more important things to do than worry about how many calories you just ate or what size pants you are wearing. It's time to stop fixating on shrinking your body and reclaim the space you deserve in the world. 


Have you ever…

  • Missed out on something you wanted to do because you didn't feel good about how you looked?
  • Felt guilty, ashamed, or out of control around food?
  • Not been able to tell if you are hungry or not?
  • Comforted yourself after a binge with thoughts of your next diet?
  • Worried that your children are inheriting your unhealthy patterns around food and body image?
  • Looked back at pictures from your once-in-a-lifetime vacation and realized there are no pictures of you? Or had your kids ask if you were on that trip or at that event while looking through the family photo album?
  • Hidden under baggy or uncomfortable clothes (hello long sleeves and pants in the summer) because you didn't want people to see your body? because you were trying to hide your body?
  • Pondered dangerous and unhealthy ways of eating out of desperation to change your body and feel better about yourself?
  • Felt like you can't stop eating?
  • Eaten something off-limits and then promised yourself "I’ll be better tomorrow?"

If so, then The Anti-Diet Plan may be for you.

You don’t have to struggle with your relationship with food and your body. You don't have to live your life on pause, waiting for that magical day that you reach your goal weight and you give yourself permission to live fully. You deserve that full life now.

In a culture that teaches us to hate our bodies, wanting to lose weight through dieting is a totally normal response.

9 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their body and want to lose weight.

For most of my life, I was one of these women. I went on my first diet when I was 8-years old. It was a juice cleanse that I found in one of the countless diet books that lined the bookshelves in my family's living room. I remember waking up that first day thinking how grown up is this! I'm on a diet just like my mom. And I remember going to bed that night thinking I am starving and dreamed about the giant stack of pancakes dripping with syrup that I would eat the next morning. It was one of the first times I remember feeling preoccupied with food. But it certainly wasn't the last. 

I spent the next two decades of my life in an endless cycle of being on the wagon and off the wagon. When I was off the diet, I ate everything that I wouldn't allow myself to eat when I was on the plan. If I had a few french fries, I may as well polish off the whole plate because the day was already ruined. Besides, I would be back on course again tomorrow so I better "enjoy" them now while I can. I often ate until I was so full that it was hard to breathe.  

Then, one day, my life changed. I attended a mindful eating retreat where someone presented me with a simple fact: diets don't work. 

What do you mean diets don't work. Of course diets work. They work for everyone except me; I'm just not doing it right. I just need to try harder. 

But that statement rattled around in my mind; in fact, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. In all my years of dieting, I had never once thought to question the paradigm. But now that I had, it all made so much sense.

Working in "obesity research" at the time, I started to look at the data through a more critical lens. And to my surprise, I discovered that much of what I had been taught wasn't actually true!

I started practicing mindful eating and found that it changed not only my relationship with food but my relationship with myself. I started to relate to myself in a kinder, more accepting, and compassionate way. I found food freedom, but more than that, I found a greater sense of overall wellbeing. For the first time in my life, I felt at peace with myself and the deep shame that I carried for so many years lifted. 

I'm not sharing my story to say "I did it and you can too." We are each in unique circumstances and I had many privileges (including thin-privilege) that opened doors to healing. But I am sharing my story to say:  

If you are stuck in this vicious cycle, know that you are not alone.


Here’s the good news:

There is a way out!

When we learn to recognize diet culture, we can work to reject its harmful messages. We can place our anger where it rightfully belongs--not on our body but on the system that convinced us our body was bad in the first place. We can repair our relationship with our body and start to hear and trust the deep wisdom that it holds to guide our eating.  

And most importantly, we can stop thinking about food all of the time and get on with our lives. 

Introducing The Anti-Diet Plan

A 6-week program that will guide and support you step-by-step in using tools from mindfulness meditation and other psychological strategies to radically change your relationship with food and your body so that you can improve your health, feel better about yourself, and live with more peace, satisfaction, and happiness.

But before I jump into telling you all about The Anti-Diet Plan, I want to share a little more about my approach.


What exactly is included in The Anti-Diet Plan Program?

In Module 1 you will: 

  • learn the basics of mindfulness and mindful eating, including tools and strategies that you can start implementing right away
  • start developing a mindfulness practice that fits in with your lifestyle
  • learn how to do a "mindful pause" to help increase awareness of the important signals your body and mind are sending you

In Module 2 you will: 

  • dig into the research on dieting and understand the science of why diets are doomed to fail
  • Understand why one of the first steps to breaking free of the diet-binge-self-hatred cycle is deeply knowing that the solution isn't about finding the diet that is finally going to work for you; its about accepting that the whole paradigm is rigged! 
  • Learn what it really means to eat what you want when you want it--and how to start putting it into practice 

In Module 3 you will:

  • Learn how to hone in to your body's "internal GPS" using hunger and fullness cues
  • Practice identifying hunger and fullness using hunger and fullness scales 
  • Learn about the physiological cues for hunger and fullness and the range of these sensations--perfect for people who may have trouble identifying when they are hungry or full or always find themselves feeling stuffed or starving.   

In Module 4 you will: 

  • Start to reclaim the pleasure in your eating experiencing that you deserve
  • Explore the emotions that may arise around seeing food as a source of pleasure 
  • Learn how to make mindful choices around food and tackle the looming question of "what do I eat?"


In Module 5 you will: 

  • understand what acceptance really means (and how it is possible to accept something even if you don't like it)
  • practice cultivating self-acceptance and self-compassion through tangible exercises and mindfulness meditations
  • reestablish trust in your body  

In Module 6 you will

  • Better understand the connections between your emotions and your eating experiences
  • Learn a 3-step strategy to use with emotional eating
  • Explore new tools and strategies to cope with uncomfortable feelings
  • Identify what values are most important to you and how to live in better alignment with those values. 
  • How to care for yourself in the best ways possible (even if you have limited resources) 
  • How to reclaim your pleasure in life


Check out what people are saying about Dr. Conason and The Anti-Diet Plan:

When I found The Anti-Diet Plan about 18 months ago, all I knew was that I wanted to stop binge eating and I could not “do another diet,” and there had to be a better way. I wasn’t as convinced about this plan as I was desperate. To my surprise, it changed me in ways I never imagined. What I never anticipated was everything that I would gain. I don’t think I actually realized how many food rules I had or how limited my food world was. More meaningfully, I realized that because every bite of my food was either eaten with a heavy dose of anxiety or guilt, I had stopped really paying any attention to taste or finding any joy in eating long ago. Mindful eating is giving that back to me. I have lots more work to do I think, but if you asked me 18 months ago, I would have never imagined me where I am today!

The Anti-Diet Plan course is excellent! Most helpful was the reassurance that there is no right or wrong way to eat. It changed my relationship with food and my body and helped me worry less about my eating and weight. I liked everything about the program and there was nothing I would change!

“…the most seismic shift is my newfound ability to silence my inner bully. Learning to accept myself just as I am is so much harder than counting calories—but right now, it’s my primary objective…Truly allowing myself to eat what I want when I want it has been so incredibly liberating, and feeling in control of my food choices has made me feel more in control of my life as a whole. While seeking happiness and self-contentment, I’ve finally (finally!) made room for goals that can’t be measured by a scale.”

Selene Milano

Health Magazine, 2017

Selene Milano

Health Magazine, 2017


Feel like you’ve already tried every program under the sun to try and manage your eating? Here’s why The Anti-Diet Plan is different.

  • It’s really not a diet. So many programs claim to be "anti-diet" but then prescribe a "lifestyle change" which is just a diet in disguise. The Anti-Diet Plan is truly a weight-inclusive and non-restrictive approach to eating that is simply about working with what your body naturally wants to do; no willpower, discipline, or deprivation required!
  • We harness the power of mindfulness meditation. If you’ve tried other eating programs that didn’t incorporate mindfulness practices, this could be the missing link. Think of mindfulness as the antennae that amplifies the signals that our body is sending us. 
  • We deal with the emotions. I know what you may be thinking: feelings, yuck! But we all know that our eating is about so much more than just the food. As a licensed psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist, emotions are my jam. The Anti-Diet Plan addresses the emotional part of eating and body image and brings a unique psychological perspective to understanding and transforming the big uncomfortable feelings that are an unfortunate side-effect of being human. 
  • The Anti-Diet Plan is a step-by-step program that breaks things down in an easy to follow format. Many programs give general advice about what you should be doing (ie. vague edicts like "don't diet" or "listen to your body") but don’t really teach you how to do it. The Anti-Diet Plan not only gives you powerful tools that you can use to change your relationship with food and your body, but it also guides you through each step of the process with actionable practices, tools, and strategies. 
  • We are strongly informed by the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) approach, defined by the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) as "a  continuously evolving alternative to the weight-centered approach to treating clients and patients of all sizes. It is also a movement working to promote size-acceptance, to end weight discrimination, and to lessen the cultural obsession with weight loss and thinness. The HAES approach promotes balanced eating, life-enhancing physical activity, and respect for the diversity of body shapes and sizes."
  • It’s a research-based program; that means we used the science of what works and what doesn’t to create a program designed to help you make the changes you are looking for.
  • We focus on support. As a member of The Anti-Diet Plan, you gain access to our private Facebook community where Dr. Conason and her team can support you on your journey. If you bump up against resistances or challenges in the program, we’ll help you work through those obstacles and keep you moving forward to meet your goals. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other Anti-Dieters working towards food freedom. 


"Dr. Conason and her program have everything you need to finally make peace with food and your body: scientific backing, grounding in trustworthy approaches to mindfulness, a carefully crafted curriculum that naturally guides you to deepen your own path, and practical exercises to get you there. If you seek peace with food and your body, this is the way."

"It is such a treat for so many to have Dr. Conason's program available at your fingertips. Her mindful approach can offer you the well-deserved freedom you've craved."

I wholly support and applaud what Alexis Conason has created with her mindfulness-based Anti-Diet Plan. As co-founder of the #WakeUpWeightWatchers campaign at BALANCE, I am encouraged by the wonderful work of Dr. Conason in raising awareness about the dangers of diet culture and in advocating a holistic and balanced approach to self-development. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking  to improve their relationship with food and body image.

Here is an inside peek at The Anti-Diet Plan virtual 6-week program. When you register for The Anti-Diet Plan, you’ll get:

6 weeks of lesson plans and trainings which includes.

Each week includes 2-4 video lessons

Each video lesson includes slides and audio.

Community Support

An exclusive and private FB Group community.

Resource Guides

Worksheets and Handouts

Homework Assignments

Daily mediation practices

Eating Exercises


A Bonus lesson with Jenna Hollenstein, Registered Dietitian and author of Eat to Love

About your guide: 

Alexis Conason, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist, certified eating disorder specialist and supervisor (CEDS-S), author of The Diet-Free Revolution: 10 Steps to Free Yourself from the Diet Cycle with Mindful Eating and Radical Self-Acceptance (North Atlantic Books, 2021), a speaker, researcher, and the creator of The Anti-Diet Plan, a program to help people break-free from diet culture and embrace a mindful, peaceful, and compassionate approach to eating. She is the founder and owner of Conason Psychological Services, a boutique group therapy practice specializing in the treatment of binge eating disorder, disordered eating, body image, and psychological issues related to bariatric surgery. 

 Dr. Conason is a go-to expert for the media and has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Health Magazine, Men’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Elle magazine, The New York Post, The Washington Post, the Huffington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, Fast Company, Scary Mommy, Darling Magazine, ABC News, CBS News, and more.

After receiving her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Long Island University, C.W. Post, Dr. Conason completed post-doctoral training at the New York Obesity Research Center, in affiliation with Columbia University; at The Karen Horney Clinic; and earned a certificate in Eating Disorders, Compulsions, and Addictions from The William Alanson White Institute as well as a certificate in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the American Institute of Psychoanalysis. 

Dr. Conason is passionate about helping her clients develop a more peaceful relationship with food and their body, enabling them to say farewell to dieting once and for all and live fuller lives. Her program, The Anti-Diet Plan, is a way that people located anywhere can access help to stop dieting and dramatically change your relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

What They Say

“I have more influence over my happiness. I found this [Happify] track helpful in getting in touch with my body signals for hunger vs. the emotional drive to eat for solace. I am beginning to identify the stages of hunger and fullness.”

Kitty M.


Kitty M.


"Dr. Conason's passion for this work and her strong advocacy for the Health At Every Size (R) and Body Acceptance movement is truly refreshing and inspiring! Dr. Conason is not only a gifted clinician, but also brings her deep wisdom and kindness to her work." 


Pricing Options





  • 6-weeks of course modules
  • 19 video lessons 
  • Guided meditations
  • Guided mindful eating exercises 
  • Bonus lesson with Jenna Hollenstein, RD 
  • Access to exclusive members-only Facebook group
  • Support from Dr. Alexis Conason via Facebook and email


Yes, I am Ready

3-Pay Plan




  • 6-weeks of course modules
  • 19 video lessons 
  • Guided meditations
  • Guided mindful eating exercises 
  • Bonus lesson with Jenna Hollenstein, RD 
  • Access to exclusive members-only Facebook group
  • Support from Dr. Alexis Conason via Facebook and email
Yes, I am Ready

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want this program to work for you. If you complete The Anti-Diet Plan and are not satisfied with the program, we’ll refund your money.

Fine Print: 

To be eligible for the refund, you must have completed all course modules included all lessons, eating exercises, meditation practices, and homework assignments. Please note that money will not be refunded for lack of weight loss as that is not a goal of the program.

Still not sure?

I would love to hear from you! Please reach out to discuss if The Anti-Diet Plan could be a good fit for you.

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