Why Your Diet Has Failed and What You Can Do About It

(Hint: It's Not Your Fault!)

The big secret that the weight loss industry does not want you to know! 

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Join Dr. Alexis Conason, clinical psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist, for a discussion about the failures of dieting and how to embrace a radically new way of eating

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Why Diets Are Designed to Fail

Psst: here is a secret that the diet industry doesn't want you to know: restricting your food intake leads to feeling out of control around food. It doesn't matter if we try Whole 30, Keto, Paleo, vegan, raw, or any of the other plans that promise to bring us a better, thinner, and healthier life; diets never deliver on their grand promises in the long-term. We'll delve into the fundamental flaws of dieting and what makes it an inherently faulty product.

Why We Blame Ourselves for the Failures of Dieting (and Why That Isn't Helping Us)

In one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, the dieting industry has convinced us that it is our fault that their plans don't work. And we believe them, reprimanding ourselves for not having more self-control, motivation, or discipline. Not only is this belief false, but it keeps us stuck in shame and prevents us from being able to move forward out of the diet-overeat-self-hatred cycle. Are you ready to get unstuck? 

How to Find Food Freedom

What would it be like to work with your body instead of struggling to fight against it? To break-free from the binds of dieting and start living a life full of delicious food freedom? We will learn about a radically different way of approaching food and our eating that can help you get back in the drivers' seat.

Why Your Diet Has Failed and What You Can Do About It


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About Your Host Dr. Alexis Conason

Dr. Alexis Conason, is a licensed psychologist, certified eating disorder specialist and supervisor, author of The Diet-Free Revolution: 10 Steps to Free Yourself from the Diet Cycle with Mindful Eating and Radical Self-Acceptance, and the creator of The Anti-Diet Plan, a program to help people break-free from diet-culture and embrace a mindful, peaceful, and compassionate approach to eating. 

Dr. Conason is a go-to expert for the media and has been featured in numerous publications including Oprah Magazine, Health Magazine, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle magazine, The New York Post, The Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, and CBS News.

She is in private practice in New York City where she specializes in the treatment of binge eating disorder, disordered eating, body image, and psychological issues related to bariatric surgery. She also treats people struggling with sexual functioning, depression, anxiety, adjustment problems, relationship issues, and other psychological issues.

Dr. Conason helps her clients develop a more peaceful relationship with food and their body by using techniques from mindful eating, enabling them to say farewell to dieting once and for all. Her program, The Anti-Diet Plan, is a way that people located anywhere can access help to stop dieting and dramatically change your relationship with food, your body, and yourself.


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